Five must reads on web accessibility

Things I learned by pretending to be blind for a week

It’s a great challenge one I face every day as a serverely visually impaired web developer. David Ball, takes a brave step into the world of darkness and finds valuable insight and experience from the challenge.

The POUR Principles: The Starting Point for Creating Accessible Blogs

Glenda gives a great introduction to the WCAG2.0 POUR principles, it’s easy to follow and well worth a read.

What ARIA does not do

Steve Faulkner gives a quick explanation of ARIA and highlights some of its limitations as well as its key purpose.

e-Assessment and Accessibility

This gives a good insight in electronic assessments and accessibility. David Sloan explores many areas of accessibility and the impact of e-assessments have. The things to consider and more.

Specification for an Accessible Lightbox

Graham Armfield talks about the different accessibility issues around the use of a visual effect known as the light box. He covers both the effect on screen reader users and mobile devices.

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